To marry in Provence

Celebrate your wedding in the heart of Provence in a Provençal house or a fairy tale castle, in a wine domain or in an authentic country house. The beautiful southern region offers a variety of venues to suit your needs.

Jérémie HKB

Provence, with its idyllic landscapes bathed in golden sunlight, soft light and pastel colors, offers a wide choice of unusual places as magical as the region’s wine. Havens of peace and greenery with beautiful authentic stones out of time nestled in the middle of vineyards, olive trees and lavender fields and dotted with fountains, statues, ancient trees, pools with the constant sound of crickets singing and cicadas melodies.

Jérémie HKB

Jérémie HKB

Chateau de Tourreau x Pinterest

Domaine de Sarson x capturelife

Mas de la Rose x Haunter Ryan photo


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