What is a wedding Flat lay?

The wedding flat layconsists in carefully arranging objects related to your wedding on a flat surface and photographing them directly from above. It is a very popular trend to relate and display the theme and style of the wedding.

The bride and groom, especially the bride, like to keep a souvenir of the details of their wedding, from the bouquet to the table decorations and many more.

The elements used can be items that are close to the hearts of the bride and groom or simply the pretty details that will be used on the big day.

Stationery is the key element of the flat lays, but shoes, jewelry, boutonnieres, perfumes, carefully highlighted with a glimpse of the wedding day flowers, often accompanied by ribbons, jewelry boxes, and lots of other accessories can also be used.

All this to make these details a souvenir of the photo.

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